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How to add emails to your Safe List

To ensure that you are receiving all emails regarding your orders, Invoice and other promotions, please make sure that you whitelist our emails. By adding our emails to your Safe List (also known as whitelisting), you can prevent them from being caught by your email's SPAM filters.

One thing that you can do that works across all email providers is to add our email addresses to your contacts list or address book. The emails that you may receive from are listed below:


Click on your email provider below to obtain instructions on how to whitelist emails.

AOL Gmail MSN Yahoo!
Earthlink Hotmail Outlook


(Version 9)
  • Open the latest email
  • Click the Add Address button

(Older Versions)
  • Select Keyword Mail Controls
  • Select your email screen name
  • Click on Customize Mail Controls for your email screen name
  • Select Allow Email from all AOL members, email addresses, and domains
  • Continue to click Next until you can click the Save button


  • Open your mailbox and click on Address Book (on the left, below the folders)
  • Click Add
  • Under the Internet Information Box, enter into the top Email box
  • Click Save
  • Repeat these steps to add other email Id's of 


  • Open the latest email
  • Click the downward arrow located on the right side of the title bar, next to Reply
  • Select Add to Contacts List


  • Open your mailbox
  • Click Options (next to the Help option)
  • Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  • Select the Safe List option
  • In the text box provided, enter
  • Click Add and the address will show up in the Safe List box
  • Click OK
  • Repeat these steps to add other email Id's of 


  • Click on the Setting: E-Mail | Junk E-Mail option at the bottom left of the screen
  • Click Junk E-Mail Guard
  • Select the Safe List option
  • Enter into the "Add people to the Safe List" section
  • Click Add
  • Repeat these steps to add other email Id's of


  • Open any email from and add our to your Safe List
  • Repeat these steps to add other email Id's of
  • Add all addresses above to your Personal Contacts list


  • Open your mailbox
  • Click Mail Options
  • Click Filters and then Add Filter
  • At the top, make sure that "labeled From header" is shown in the drop down
  • Enter our email address in the text box beside the drop down
  • In the "Move the message to" section at the bottom, select Inbox from the drop down
  • Click the Add Filter button
  • Repeat these steps to add other email Id's of



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