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Que: Can I sell Event that has multiple days/dates ? If So, how ?
Ans: Yes, you can have events with multiple days/time.

In the "Create event" page , there is a option to repeat events. You can repeat the events either daily, weekly or monthly.

Repeat Event: This will facilitate you to repeat the event without the hassles of entering details of the event every time.

Daily Schedule:  This will help you repeat the event every day of the until you mention the end date. You also have to provision to omit the weekends by simply clicking on the Monday thru Friday option.

Weekly Schedule :   Mention the frequency in weeks you wish to repeat it, for example if you mention 1 week, the event will repeat after every 1 week. Mention the days of the week you wish to repeat the event. For eg if you mention repeat 1 week, Monday, then the event will repeat every alternate week Monday.

Monthly Schedule : Here you have 2 options. Firstly you could repeat the event on a particular date every month and secondly the event can be repeated on particular day every desired month. For e.g If you have event that you wish to repeat second Monday every alternate month then you need to mention.
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